"Let Desapoint give u its best in education"

The history of Desapoint began in April 2015 when Crisantus Mumburi University of Dar-es-salaam student Started working on a project called UDOSIS (University of Dar-es-salaam Open Students Integrated System) in Mabibo hostel and later he was joined by his brother and roommate Riziki Assey. This system was developed to assist university students to share class contents and to have one uniform system for contents delivery. In which by May 2015 UDOSIS framework was archived and its second phase development began in KINU at Morocco and was completed in July 2015. It was during its launching when they had to change the name from UDSIS to Desapoint to make the platform more relevant to students.

  • Development Phase

    April 2015

    It is a first phase in which Crisantus Mumburi and Riziki Assey both University of Dar-es-Salaam Students started working on a system called UDOSIS in which this platform was designed to help University students to share contents and ensure flow of Contents among university of Dar-es-salaam students.

  • Launching Phase

    August 2015

    By August 2nd the system was launched and its first operation began in the mid of August 2015. By this time Lucas Magazi (Chief Protocol) joined Crisantus and Riziki and by then his duty was to introduce the system To all university students and build a team for its operation. Till September 2015 Desapoint had over 300 registered users and that was a time before opening of the university.

  • First 3 Months

    December 2015

    By December 2015 the system grew popular among university of Dar-es-salaam students and by that time the system archived over 1000 registered users. It was at the end of December when Desapoint welcomed to Medical brothers to the Team Yahaya Simba and Koni Abraham. In which it witnessed Desapoint expansion to other universities and Yahaya becoming its first president.

  • Six Month Later

    March 2016

    By March of 2016 Desapoint had over 4000 Registered Students and over 5 universities (UDSM, HKMU, MUHAS, TIA, and TURDUCO) around Dar-es-salaam region was running our platform. In this period Desapoint saw an increase of activities in its platform In which university associations started using Desapoint for its marketing and event organization. In April of 2016 AIESEC partnered with Desapoint for one of the largest and history making Career fair event which commenced over 1000 students in UDSM. by May 2016 Desapoint saw a registration of 5000 users and over 4000 associations contacts.

    Introduction of Premium Services in which special packages were offered to university of Dar-es-salaam Students by only 500Tsh of subscription fee in which university students were able to get Class Lessons, PastPapers and other Premium Articles. Over 300 Students were integrated to Premium services and over 150 students subscribed to the service.

  • One Year of Operation

    July 2016

    By June 2016 Desapoint was introduced in Ardhi and IFM and it was by June which Desapoint recorded over Over 6300 users and Hans Rusimbi joined the board of directors. By August Desapoint marked one year of operation and service.