"An online platform for university students"

Desapoint is an online platform for university students that intends on making university students Learning experience more interesting and engaging. Through this platform university students and instructors can coordinate their Learning activities at any place and anytime. Desapoint platform came into existence around August of 2015. Its first operation was at the university of Dar-es-salaam and later its operation was advanced to other universities around Dar-es-salaam region.

Services we offer:
  • We provide class and subject announcements to all university students via SMS directly from Class Representatives.
  • We provide a unique system in which university students can share and access Visual aid contents such as Books, Class Notes, Articles and Pastpapers. Hence and interactive system that facilitates easy sharing of contents.
  • We supplement university students with day to day lessons via visual and audio contents. This service is jointly provided with premium charges in which university students are required to Pay a semester subscription fee of 1500Tsh and get access to these Lessons.
  • We provide University instructors with a simple and dynamic system of sharing contents, providing assignments and collecting Assignments via our staff portal. In this portal university staffs can run different operations such as Organizing Seminars, Giving Notes, Collecting Assignments and Sending direct SMS notification to all students.
  • We empower university associations by providing them with Association Portal that facilitates their day to day operations and Events organizations. With required amount of Money University associations do gain access to SMS services for their events Organizations.

  • Statements

    100% Complete

    Our Mission:

    "To empower University students by providing them with a tool that will transform their learning experience to become more productive and engaging. "

    Our Vision:

    "We aspire to become number one learning platform for university students in Tanzania and East Africa in general"

    Our Motto:

    "Learn smart with Desapoint"