"Learn smart with Desapoint"

Desapoint is a platform operated by a team of young men and women from different univeristies in Tanzania. Our leadership is divided into two major categories in which there is a working team consist of 8 members and the other part consist of different teams from each university in which our system operates. The team is lead by its Founder and CEO Crisantus Mumburi and down here are the list of board members with their duties and resposibilities.

Crisantus Mumburi, CEO & Chairman

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"Desapoint is a unique product in terms of its structure,and the service it provide. Students are able to to experience reduction in costs at a great magnitude/lengths. Desapoint provide a unique experience to students,that is learning smart."

Riziki Assey, COO & Head of Marketing and Business

60% Complete

"Desapoint it’s a platform that bring together all the kind of information and study materials that a university student will need, and simultaneously serve all the stakeholders whose targets are the university students. "


Crisantus Mumburi

CEO and Chairman

Riziki Assey

COO & Head of Marketing and Bussiness

Lucas Magazi

Cheif Protocal

Yahaya Simba


Inocent Lutashobya

Product & Content Development

Koni Abraham

Board of Director

Hansi Rusimbi

Marketing & Sales

Emmanuel Meena


Janet Mosha

Business Development